Love SMS

I searched through books
& leafed through cards
for words
that could convey
what i have in my heart....
when i sat down to write...
all i could write was...


When i need you
When i miss you
When i want to talk to you,
when i want to share with you
there is only one place
i can find you.....

That's in my heart...
my LOVE for you never dies.

My eyes are often jealous
of my heart,
guess why?

You are near to my heart,
away from my eyes....

If i was a tear in your eye...
I'l roll down your cheeks
& die in your lips..

If you were a tear in my eye....
I'l try hard 
not to cry..
Coz, if i lose you...
I'l surely die.

I  I
I  I       ('')
I_I       I_I     (")    @

A candle may
melt &
its fire may
the LOVE 
you've given me
will always lit up 
my life....

A special face
a special smile
a special someone
i cannot replace...
A special hug
from me to you
a special person
i found in you...